Our understanding of ‘survival’ has little to do with military struggles or physical strength. During our survival expeditions we put emphasis on the most important abilities such as: dealing with stress, demonstrating knowledge and improvising in unexpected situations instead of showing off physical strength. Survival means broadening one’s mind, learning about other people and nature.

We try to adjust the difficulty level to the participants. Therefore, we take into our consideration their stamina, age, interests, experience so that they can actively enter into our programme. However, the participants must understand the character of such undertakings and most importantly, do not confuse them with typical holidays organized by tavel agencies.

All survival programmes are drew up individually. In order to receive an offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Compass was established in 2000. Ever since the beginning we have put en emphasis on the perfection in organizing all the events. Independence is one of our priorities. In order not to become dependent on sub-contractors we were enlarging and modernizing our equipment park, what in effect enabled us to sustain our own style and achieve flexibility.
Our equipment:
survival academy
60 paintball gun packages (semi automatic paintball markers: PMI and Kingman)
5 quads Honda 250 TRX, 3 quads Honada 350
120 army uniforms
Tents and camp equipment for a group of 50
3 4×4 vehicles MERCEDS G
2 4×4 vehicles Nissan Patrol GR
5 handheld GPS receivers
broadcasting station
3 km of special ropes
10 packages of climbing equipment
highly skilled staff

we are Polish
we live in Cracow
we know Polish reality
we are no middle man
we know how to have fun


For experienced quad riders we offer full day expedition. Prior experience on quads is essential. Participants need to be in good health and be fit enough to tackle the 7 to 8 hour outing (with regular stops).

ROUTE: Kraków – Pustynia Błędowska

PROGRAM: early in the morning departure from Kraków

A starting point is our paintball field in Kraków. After technical briefing and safety briefing our experienced guides will lead you on adventurous and thrilling quad bike trails. You will drive through leafy indigenous bush and meadows along the Vistlua River. We stop next to Tyniec Monastery to admire picturesque scenery. Then we cross the river and go to Kryspinów where’s an artifficial lake. Here you test your skills on fairway. After snaks we hit the road. We go along local roads and country cross. You’ll tackle open fields and woodland tracks as well as face precipitous slopes. Routes is laid out to maximise the quad experience. You’ll ride in a rough terrain, pass some natural obstacles, rocky hillside, muddy hollows and deep water steep ascents and descents, side-slopes, deep water and mud, rocky terrain, ditches, gullies, rutted areas and so on…
On our way we can enjoy beautiful scenery of Malopolska country with romantic small villages, ruins of castles and breathtaking rocks and caves. Our last stop is Błędowska Desert where we come around 4 PM. After couple kilometers of travel in the desert and crossing the river we reach our secret camp site. The day and therefore the whole trip ends with dinner and a bonfire. What follows depends entirely on you…

DURATION: approximately 16 h
TRANSPORT: Honda 300 TRX, minibus on way back
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: the participants should be equipped with comfortabe shoes, an extra pair of warm socks, a rainproof jacket (everyone should take an extra set of clothes in case of getting wet while crossing the river), sunglasses.
PRICE: 320 EURO, includes: technical briefing, a ride on the route Kraków – Pustynia Błędowska, a quad, ferry fare, lunch and dinner (packed lunch and bonfire), an entrance fee to King Łokietek’s Cave, guide’s and instructor’s assistance, travel accident insurance, minibus back to Kraków and video documentary.
FILM: click here to watch our video survivalist

Compass off road academy is a great course that lets you know just what 4 x 4 is all about. It’s a special program suitable for the ambitious beginner or those with some off road experience. It is also ideal for those who have their own 4×4 and want to discover recreational off roading’s full potential.

Off road course is a popular venue for corporate entertainment, team building events or stag weekends.
The courses are a structured learning program incorporating both theoretical and practical learning sessions, they are flexible in their application and provide the trainee with all the necessary skills required for off road driving.

We supply technical equipment, qualified instructors, 4×4 vehicles and everything that is neccessary during course, video documentary and an evening preview.

A few days before course starts we send participants didactic basics and CD with off road films.

Our goal is to ensure that the trainee leaves the course as a much better driver. We focus on all aspects of 4×4 driving, to ensure that you develop a higher level of understanding of the balance between you and your vehicle.

We place special emphasis on the following techniques:

• reading the terrain
• how to operate a 4WD vehicle safely off road
• conduct routine maintenance checks
• general radio communication & convoy
• basic recovery techniques, stall/start recovery
• safety procedures and accident prevention
• line selection
• correct stance
• hill ascents
• hill descents
• off camber trails & corners
• river crossings
• driving in rocks
• deep sand
• mud
• jumps
• trees & forests
how to survive
• ruts & grooves
• controlling acceleration
• improved braking skills
• throttle control in difficult situations
• correct clutching
• tips how to use rescue equipment: hoist, high-lift jack, kinetic ropes and tows
• tips how to use road book
• tips how to use GPS

What to bring and/or wear

warm clothes all year round. It can get very hot in summer, so we suggest packing some light clothes for the day. During the colder months of the year, we suggest you pack very warm clothes
solid footwear at all times
toiletry items and items of a personal nature

Participants will be driving Uaz, Nissan Partol, Mercedes G, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler i ciężarowy Gaz 66.

It is neccessary for participants to:
have driving licence
know how to cooperate
be used to hard conditions