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outdoor activities

If you didn’t pick any option from our ready made packages you can create your perfect Stag Weekend itinerary.
The list of outdoor activities presented below is to help you to create your own Stag Weekend.


Probably one of the best paintball training grounds in Europe. It has everything you need – car wrecks, trenches, swamp and some buildings to hide among.
All equipment and outer clothing is supplied.

15 £ per 200 paintballs
22 £ per 400 paintballs

Quad biking (quad Honda 250cc or better).
American ATVs (quads): rear drive, semi automatic transmission. The venue does supply all necessary equipment and outer clothing.

1 hour of quad biking 30 £ per person
8 hours of quad biking trip on Błedowska Desert
(1 quad Honda 250cc per 1 person) 300 £ per person

4×4 off road: Mercedes G and Russian jeep – Uaz
Drive a top of the range 4×4 vehicle under expert tuition, driving through wet ground and over the rough terrain.

30 minutes of driving 30 £ per person
1 hour of driving 50 £ per person.

After a brief instruction drivers must pass a race track. You can try our excavator and loader Bobcat and take part in competitions: slalom, clearing of snow and many others. Our equipment has automatic rope engine stop.

86 £ per one mini excavator

Air rifle shooting competition between participants. First three places get special surprise prizes.

1 hour of shooting finished by special competition 10 £ per person

Archery is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed by almost everyone. Using our top quality, easy to handle bows you shoot at the target of coloured rings. As with all events your safety is a priority and all competitors are shown how to use the equpiment correctly. There’s no rush and you have plenty of time to aim.

1 hour of shooting finished by special competition 15 £ per person

The most beautiful polish golf course for a half hour ride outside of Krakow to. It will be your choice if you just want to smack some balls at the driving range and the small course for beginners or try the 9 hole course.

60 min golf lesson 26 £ per person
lesson with a round of 6 holes 54 £ per person

Football on a real stadion.

2 hours of using stadion 150 £ per group.

Rope courses include a series of obstacles that will challenge you – whether negotiating a rope bridge, swinging on a trapeze or sliding down a ‘death slide’.

4 hours of using climbing activities 350 £ per group (max. 30 participiants)

Sled Dog racing is the world’s fastest growing winter sport. These dogs are elite athletes as well as beloved pets, and they live to run. The dogs pull a sledge in winter or 3 wheeled ‘rig’ on dry land.

20 minutes of driving 30 £ per person

With winter at its peak, there’s no better time to strike out across the mountains and take in some of the most breathtaking winter scenery in the Tatra Mountains (1,5 hour far from Kraków). High country for extreme winter sports and a snowmobile tour experience you’ll never forget. You explore miles of trails and powder in a group, on your own or with an experienced guide leading the way.

1 hour of driving 90 £ per person

GPS orienteering is a modern version of typical orienteering. It’s an outdoor sport enjoyed either competitively or recreationally by people of all ages and abilities. The usual type of event is to navigate on foot using a specially GPS. Participants must visit a series of controls that have been placed on a course. Participants play on their own without any contact with our instructors but they are all the time watched and filmed from hiding by our team.
2 hours of using 2 gps 60 £ per group

Horseback riding is a rewarding pastime anywhere. We can provide course for beginners as well as intermediate riders.

1 hour of horse riding in coutry side area 35 £ per person

Biking is one of the best ways to explore the wild land of Małopolska. There’s terrain to suit every ability. A cosy countryside inn is always within easy reach for lunch or an evening drink after a tough few hours in the saddle.

6 hours of mountain bike riding in country side area 250 £ per person

One day 4×4 vehicles expedition (16 hours). This includes brie off road school. Each participant under expert tuition can try driving through wet ground and over the rough terrain ( 30 minutes).
All routes start and end in Kraków but accommodation out side of the city is possible (either cottage, shed, tent or luxury hotels and others).
There are several routes to choose.

16 hours offroad expedition riding in coutry side area 450 £ per person

Sky diving in Nowy Targ, close to Tatra mountains. You learn parachuting from heights of up to 4 km. Freefall lasts for about 30 secons.

1 jump 220 £ per person

A highly weather dependent activity.
Paragliding gives you the opportunity to enjoy Małopolska countryside from a whole different perspective. The flight in tandem lasts for about 15 min.

1 flight 130 £ per person

A highly weather dependent activity.
A hot air balloon flight is an experience like no other.
Carried gently by the wind, you float effortlessly over landscapes perhaps just a few hundred to several thousand feet up.

Discover the exhilaration and satisfaction of flying a light aircraft over the stunning scenery of Rożnowskie Lake. The flight above the lake takes about 15 minutes.
15 minutes of viev flight 30 £ per person


Gliders are amazing and graceful machines, and are about as close as humans can get to soaring like birds. Get a taste of feeling free high in the sky.
15 minutes of gliding flight 50 £ per person


Flying at over 100mph and seeing the surroundings from a unique vantage point is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will remember 15 minutes over Kraków or Tatra mountains for ever.

15 minutes of flight 299 £ per person

The River Dunajec has developed a great reputation for the sport and has all the facilities to match. Rafting is best experienced with a group of friends as each inflatable raft will hold up to 8 people.The route lasts for about 2 hours.

120 £ per person


The wooden raft, made up of narrow boats fastened together, takes you on a 2-3 hour tour (depending on the hight of the river) through the spectacular rocky canyons. Open 1 April – 31 October. During the ride tourists receive information about the flora and fauna, history, traditions and natural beauty of Pieniny.

120 £ per person

2 hour cruise sets off in the center of Kraków (next to Wawel Castle) and takes a route to Tyniec Monastery.
This may be a part of other activities: quad biking or 4×4 driving around Tyniec meadow and along Vistula river.

50 £ per person

Craft designed to travel close to but above ground or water. Air-cushion vehicles can attain higher speeds than can either ships or most land vehicles This is an exciting experience you will never forget.

10 h renting 670 £

We will teach you the skills and techniques of the world’s top rally drivers, power sliding our rally prepared Subaru Impreza’s on a real gravel stage, followed by a high speed demonstration drive by your instructor.

100 £ per person

To sphere is to roll down a hill harnessed in to a specially constructed 10-12ft cushioned plastic sphere. The Zorb is a gigantic inflatable pvc ball standing about three metres in height, which contains another smaller ball that is suspended into position by thousand nylon strands of varying colours.

12 hours of fun 517 £
(no mater the number of participants)